Welcome to the family

Welcome to my blog, a place where I will be sharing a range of different content including family life, recipes for all the family and reviews amongst other things. 

Meet the family

Nicky is the fun loving mother to 3 little monkies. Currently on maternity leave after having little Alfie in March. She is keeping herself very busy, whether it be baking or just trying to find the time to keep the house tidy. When the children are in bed you will find her either on Netflix watching Friends or on the Xbox playing Crash. 

Jordan is a keen foodie and a big business minded person, you can find Jordan giving anything business orientated a go from start-ups to the stock market. When he is not trying to become the next Richard Branson you can find Jordan in one of three places, work (retail),on a games console or doing a spot of foraging.

Lucy is the oldest being 5, She is the girliest you can get, unicorns and pink are so her thing. She is always dancing and singing around the house, when she is chilling she loves sitting watching TikTok videos and trying to learn  the moves and also bugging the life out of mammy to put Simpson’s on Disney+. 

Holly is the middle child also known as the wild one. She is definitely the voice of the family. Give her a toy pug and she’ll be your best friend, they are literally everything to her, you should see her collection. She loves watching Paw Patrol when she’s not running around being hyper. 

Alfie is the newest member having only been born 20th March. He is such a happy little chap already giving us all little gummy smiles. Quite a lot of the blog posts will be family related especially as he gets older and he is being weaned onto food. 

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