Self care during isolation 

Whether you’re a new parent, a single parent, a primary carer of anyone in your household  or just simply overwhelmed with life at the moment, self care is really important for your health, even though so much is going on at the moment, you can’t forget to look after yourself. Just spare a few minutes and do some of the best self care activities that don’t require you to spend any money. Start by incorporating into your routine and help your mind, body and soul. 

  • Brush your hair, even if you’re sitting in your pyjamas or your comfy clothes brushing your hair will make it feel like you’ve made an effort even if it is a little.

  • Light your favourite candle, it will help you unwind as the scent fills the room

  • Drink plenty of water, hydration is key! Remember it’s best to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. 

  • Enjoy the fresh air. Even if you just sit in your garden for a few moments the gentle breeze should be nice and soothing on your face. 

  • Write down 10 things you are grateful for. Nobody has to see them its just to help you. 

  • Buy yourself some flowers, the brighter the better and make sure they’re in a good place where you can see them.

  • Give yourself a really good pampering, not only will it relax you but you will feel good too.

  • Do any type of exercise. Exercise releases endorphins and endorphins help relieve stress. So not only are you keeping fit but you’re helping your body too.

  • Watch your favourite show. Something that you could sit and watch for hours, mine would be Friends.
  • Have a bath. Grab some bath bombs or salts and just relax, there I nothing better than a warm bubble bath.

Hopefully these ideas will help you. Please let me know how you’re doing and remember to stay positive! Thank you for reading.

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