Chewy Moon

A few month ago the lovely people over at ChewyMoon kindly sent my girls one of their subscription boxes to try.

ChewyMoon is a healthy snack box for children, its a really good way to try and get children to eat things that are genuinely better for them than all these sugary snacks that are out these days. You can choose between 3 boxes, fruit, variety or the bestseller. They start at just £6.49 every fortnight and have 3 month, 6 month and 12 month plans or you could get a taster box for 99p.

Inside the box was a surprising 10 little snack boxes.

Cocoa Flapjack
Popped Cheddar
Raspberry Fingers
Pumpkin & Banana Fingers
Peach Fingers
Vanilla Biccies
Strawberry Hearts
Cashews and Peas
Carrot and Orange Wedges
Cola Raisins

As you can see you get a lot for your money, i was surprised as the little boxes are a good size aswell so you get a decent amount. Out of all of them the girls liked the Cola Raisins, Strawberry Hearts (they said they tasted like a fruit winder) and the peach fingers. It was lovely to see the girls enjoy eating healthy snacks. I think what they loved was being able to pick which box they wanted to open everytime.

In the box you also got inside a sticker book and some stickers. The girls are obsessed with stickers at the moment so they loved the book. They love being able to make up the sticker and find it in the book. It is a well presented box and i would definitely recommend it to any parent wanting to introduce a wide variety of healthy snacks to their childrens diet.

Let me know in the comments if you have ever had one of their boxes before and tell me what you think of them.

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