Court Inn Breakfast (Delivery)

With the UK still on lockdown we have seen many restaurants start offering delivery services with reduced menus, one such company The Court Inn situated in Durham City Centre have started their delivery service using the likes of Just Eat. Myself and Jordan have always wanted to dine at the Court Inn but for one reason or another have yet to do so. Jordan was off work last night so we decided to get a Full English breakfast ordered to our door this morning.

We used Just Eat to order our food and as always made sure we went through TopCashBack, we had a browse and the two breakfast options available were Full English and a Breakfast Bun, the breakfast options were minimal and for the children it would have been nice to have pancakes or something similar available. We decided to get 2 x Full English Breakfast at a cost of £6.50 each, for the price you get Bacon, Sausage, Egg, Mushrooms, Beans, Tomato, Hash Browns and Fried Bread. Jordan stated he would have loved to have an “extra’s option” to add for example black pudding and also an option to choose how you wanted your bread and eggs especially with the price you pay. The total cost for our order of two breakfasts was £13.00 plus a delivery charge of £2.00 and a service charge of £0.50 putting the overall total to £15.50 for two Full English Breakfast a rather expensive fry up!

The breakfast was on time in fact the food was delivered nice and early in comparison to the ETA on Just Eat, a lovely polite lady brought our food and there was no issue with paying via cash. Though it is only packaging the carrier bag and box the breakfast was delivered in give it a more luxury look.

So let’s talk food, I for one hate mushrooms so I just left them to one side, Jordan doesn’t normally like them either but he thought he’d give them a try and in fact very much enjoyed them. Everything else looked so nice. The 2 sausages were nicely cooked and they tasted lovely, the bacon I got was not my cup of tea, they were not crispy enough for me as I hate stringy fat but the bacon itself did have a nice flavour, hashbrown were cooked perfectly giving a nice crunch and the egg was nicely cooked . 

Overall, the breakfast was full of flavour but for the price of £15.50 for two Full English breakfast I really do not think it is worth the money. Had the breakfast came with a complimentary hot or cold beverage i.e. tea or fresh juice then I think the cost would be more justifiable. When the Court Inn reopens for dining experiences we will be sure to come down and try their breakfast once again where I feel the price will be much more worth it.

Thank you for reading the blog, during this time of uncertainty do support your local businesses and remember if you are ordering food via JustEat why not earn some good cashback via TopCashBack.

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