So, the lovely Sam at Snackabees sent the girls a snack box to try, which they couldn’t wait to open!

Snackabees are a healthy snack subscription box for children. Each month you get different snacks which are hand picked by nutritionist families to try and get children to eat more healthy.


Inside the boxes we got the following:

Super Heraw – Hazelnut & Cacao. This super healthy bar is organic, gluten free, vegan and contains no added sugar, its basically a very healthy version of a chocolate bar for them, should also be very filling with the amount of nuts and seeds included. Lucy enjoyed it more than Holly, i thought they where quite lovely too!

Aduna – Superfruit Blast. This was Lucy’s favourite! Will definitely be looking at buying some of these. 100% organic with no added sugar, this bar contains baobab and pineapple making it a nice sweet fix.

Purl Pops – Popped and roasted Lotus Seeds. These are Holly’s favourite which she said looked like popcorn. Flavoured with Classic Ghee and Pink Himalayan Salt, they are a source of protein, sugar free and also gluten free. Handpicked by farmers in India and hand roasted in the UK. It combines the goodness of nut and the crunch of popcorn.

Carneval – Beef Biltong. A great source of protein, gluten free and low in calories. Biltong is a great little snack for all meat lovers. The girls didn’t really enjoy them personally but the bright pink packaging definitely caught their attention.

Soffles – Pitta Chips. These Chilli and Garlic flavoured pitta chips where lovely! A little bit hard for the girls but Holly still enjoyed them. All natural ingredients, each chip is oven roasted to make them healthier.

Little Freddie – Tomato Crunches – Neither of the girls liked these 100% simply dried tomatoes, but that’s only because their not much lovers of tomato. They have a very strong natural taste

Boundless – Activated Nuts & Seeds. Turmeric and smoked paprika flavoured nuts and seeds. These where lovely but the girls aren’t really into spicy food, their faces where a laugh though! I loved them though, definitely a great little snack.

Rooted Food Co – Popped Lotus Seeds. Just the same as the Purl Pops above except these are cheese and chive flavour. Holly really likes them, she won’t share the packet with anybody! Gluten free, high in fibre and protein, they are a delicious snack full of flavour.

Aduna – Cinnamon Spiced Cacao Tea. This is beautiful! The girls weren’t too interested but they did love the smell. I absolutely love anything cinnamon, so i would definitely have this again.

Thank you for reading my post, if you have had this subscription box then please let me know what you thought of them.

Nicky xo

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