Bucket List

Tips for building a bucket list

Today I wanted to share some tips on how to build a bucket list that truly reflects what you want:

  • Before you start, really listen to your heart -Basically the only rule to this is listening to what you really want. My bucket list doesn’t have bungee jumping or skydiving because it’s not something I want even though they are pretty typical bucket list things.
  • Start with the things you already know -All of us can name at least three things we would like to do at least once in our lives. It can also be a place you want to visit or things you want to get. As an example for me it’s always been getting a dog. This will get you excited and might even bring to life even more ideas
  • Go as big as you want -No matter how impossible the dream may seem, you never know where your life might get you. Write down things you doubt you’ll ever be able to do, because you may be surprised later. Do not give up too soon.
  • Even the smallest and easiest things count -No goal or a wish is too small for your bucket list. As long as you really want to do it, go ahead and write it down. 
  • Add in life milestones or goals you want to hit -Keep in mind this is not a plan on how to get there, only visual list of things you want. You can write down that you want a house or which school you want to graduate.
  • Add people you want to meet -Who you’d love to meet and talk to?
  • It doesn’t all have to be pleasant -Not all experiences might be pleasant and sometimes you may want to try things that scare you.
  • Keep updating -Feel free coming back and adding things and at the same time don’t feel bad crossing things out. You don’t need to keep things that don’t feel authentic to you.
  • Keep the completed ones there so you can see how far you have come -They’ll motivate you into completing more! Plus I personally like to write down the date of their completion.

Don’t forget to share snipets of your bucket lists with me and have an amazing day!

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